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package manager guix on Windows and OSX

From: Patricio Martínez
Subject: package manager guix on Windows and OSX
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 20:09:51 +0200

Dear everyone!

I am writing a article about my problem with the package managers. Now
there are too many package manager, for example the Linux package
managers like pacman, apt, rpm, etc, etc, and the package manager use
for programming language like npm, npx, bower, yarn, composer, cargo,
lein, etc, etc.

I want to tell that the solution could to be use a only package manager,
and that package manager to be Guix.

The problem is that I think that Guix only can to be installed on Linux
System. Thus I read a article about to develop guix for OSX here:

In that article the author talk about develop Guix for OSX by the end of

Do anyone know the posibilities about install Guix on another system
diferent of Linux?

Thanks you very much and sorry for my english

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