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Re: package manager guix on Windows and OSX

From: maxxcan
Subject: Re: package manager guix on Windows and OSX
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 04:21:28 +0200

1 Introducción

  Thank you very much for the diferents answers. You are talking about
  very interesting things and that help me very much with my article.

  The first, I love Plan9 too. I'll try to install on a vm but I can do
  it but I don't remember why. Every weekend I go to a pub named Plan 9,
  really for the movie, and I always say to the waitress; I love this
  pub because is named like a Operating System, and she look at me very
  weird and give me the beer and go.

1.1 Guix like a Universal package manager

  My first question was about can use guix like a Universal package
  manager, and it was a surprise for me to see that is easier install
  guile and maybe guix on a Windows machine instead of a Apple
  machine. I thought that it was easier in a OS based on Unix.

  Now, I see two ways to install guix on Windows, using the msys2
  project. <> and with the WSL2. This is explain


1.2 The problem with licenses like MIT license.

  I would like to use guix on BSD too but the really problem with the
  MIT licenses and similars instead of GPL is that the GPL is viral,
  i.e., when you make a program with GPL license anyone can close the
  project and use the code only for him. The MIT license and similars
  allows to the companies use the community code and make with it a
  commercial product. For that Microsoft and Google use that license.

1.3 My problem with the DSL language

  All this is because I use different tecnologies and I am very tired
  about have to learn diferents languages for configure my servers. This
  is discussed in this link <>, in the
  part where he compare guix with nix. And he tell about skribilo and
  when I discover that language I love it, although I think that org is
  the best markup language for all. In this article discussed about
  that: <>

  I understand in the past Stallman choose Texinfo to don't force to
  people to use Emacs, but today we can use org without Emacs thanks to
  many org parsers: <>

  I recommend this article where there is a tutorial about how to make a
  webpage with org and gatsby with orga.js a org syntax parse in

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