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Re: Guix home, guix system, channels, some noob questions

From: Sébastien Rey-Coyrehourcq
Subject: Re: Guix home, guix system, channels, some noob questions
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 10:01:52 +0200
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Le 17/05/2022 à 09:26, Daniel Meißner a écrit :
Hi Guix,

Sébastien Rey-Coyrehourcq writes:


I made some test on my own to understand :

1 - Like you say, installing things with *guix install* is for current
user (for example *firefox* and *sshpass*)

2 - Adding a package that don't exist to * myhome.scm* and reconfigure
it with *guix home reconfigure* file will download a package (ex
"ncdu"), but this package doesn't appear into "guix package

3 - Adding a package that already exist for user (ex : firefox already
installed with guix install) to *myhome.scm* doesn't reinstall
package, that's normal.

I don't understand the step 2, why *guix home* installed package
(*ncdu* here) are not listed with *guix install --list-installed*, is
there a difference ?
‘guix install’ installs into the current user’s profile which can be
found at ~/.guix-profile whereas ‘guix home’ creates an immutable
profile under ~/.guix-home/profile.¹  You can install the same package to
different profiles but of course they will be built only once (provided
you use the same Guix revision).  You can list the packages which are
installed in your Guix home profile via:

   guix package --profile="$HOME/.guix-home/profile" --list-installed


¹ IIUC the profile under ~/.guix-profile is also immutable (as are all
   profiles).  ‘guix install icecat’, for example, would create a new
   profile that contains all packages from the previous generation of
   ~/.guix-profile plus the packages icecat and then it would link the
   new profile to ~/.guix-profile.  In contrast you cannot do the same
   with ‘guix install’ for ~/.guix-home/profile.  Invoking

     guix install --profile="$HOME/.guix-home/profile" icecat

   to try to install icecat to the profile ~/.guix-home/profile yields:

     guix install: error: open-file: Read-only file system: 

Thanks Daniel,

So if i understand well, in the common use case, if you install guix home and use it in parallel with guix install, these profile are "cumulative", software installed are available no matter how I set them up (guix install or using guix home declarative file + reconfigure) ?

It is a bit confusing at first for new user, what's the best workflow, using the guix home declarative file and "reconfigure" or directly guix install ?



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