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Re: X11 cursor size

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Re: X11 cursor size
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2022 09:21:04 -0400 writes:

> Thanks for pointing out the Adwaita-Icon-Theme along with the path to
> the system wide icons/pointer directory. Now I'm able to set the pointer
> and size for the X11 session. Unfortunately emacs (when exwm is started)
> seems to override this setting and for all child frames of exwm. Someone
> else reported the same effect using guix installed emacs in arch-linux
> (I'm using guix system). Also a similar (x-pointer) topic was discussed
> in the exwm issues (with no obvious solution (issue was closed
> unsolved)).
> So question now is: how do I increase the x-pointer size under exwm in
> guix emacs?

I am also running EXWM under X11 on Guix System. Using `xsetroot` in my
~/.xsession file is all that I have needed to do, and my pointer
settings persist under EXWM as expected. My guess is that you have
overriden your emacs cursor settings somewhere and need to undo that.
Here are the usual places to look:

- ~/.emacs.d/init.el
- ~/.exwm
- ~/.Xresources

Good luck,

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