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Re: More HP AIO scanning woes

From: Gottfried
Subject: Re: More HP AIO scanning woes
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 17:58:20 +0000

Hi T G-R,

for Your information:

Because I can't scan in Guix at the moment,
I had to install a second distro called "GNUinOS"

I installed also the MATE desktop and hplip and
you can see an icon of "HP"

Additionally there are icons in the programm menu

I made 4 fotos that you can see in case I klick on the icon hp,

Kind regards


Am 13.08.22 um 15:38 schrieb Tobias Geerinckx-Rice:
Hi Gottfried!

Gottfried 写道:
"hplip" doesn't appear anywhere, so I can't open it and to choose a scanner.

I probably can't fix your problem, but note that packages don't necessarily install a command named after them, or an ‘icon’ (as you mentioned in a previous mail).  Only a tiny fraction of all packages do both.

There is no ‘hplip’ command or programme; don't wast time looking for one.

The hplip package does provide several small tools, none of them named hplip, of which two look relevant:

- hp-scan, which throws an error message here because I don't have  a supported device; - hp-uiscan, which also throws an error, but it's ~graphical~ (so  it might be a better tool for you—if it works!)

There are many other hp-* commands that you can see by typing ‘hp-’<TAB> at a shell prompt.


Expect a number of these tools not to work properly.  For example, they might look for files in the wrong place or try to write to the store, simply because they've never been tested.  It is quite possible that you are the first to ever try using them with the intended hardware.  You'll have to see, and report any errors you get, and *perhaps* we can help fix them.

The joys of using a tiny distribution: sometimes you really are the first person to try something :-)

Probably no Guixer has a HP printer/scanner all in one,
so nobody was able to help me.

Very possible.  I don't.

Or any other problem that hplip doesn't appear in my MATE Desktop.

See above; I think you're expecting something to happen that won't. We'd need to add .desktop files for that to happen, but that would require actually testing the tools to make sure they are useful (IMO).

Maybe we should have ‘I own XXX hardware’ teams…

Kind regards,


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