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NPM importer or how create packages

From: phodina
Subject: NPM importer or how create packages
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 22:02:47 +0000


I'd like to package one NPM module [1]. It works with archive format and 
provides enqueue and dequeue operations.

However, I'm not javascript developer and with knowledge of Rust and Go 
dependencies I expect the package will pull lot of them as simple package 
definition yielded missing packages coming from `package.json`.

I read discussion around binary npm imported Merging the “binary” NPM importer. 

So if there is no guix import npm​ what would be the best approach to create 
package(s) for this NPM module?

Or is it better to create some simple script in Python/Go/Rust to do the job in 
the meantime? I don't need NPM or Javascript for the project otherwise - just 
extract the archive.

Also using Nix version is not a possibility as it pulls to much dependencies.

Btw thanks for the link to John Carmack speech.



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