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Re: Coreboot,T440P & GUIX installer

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Coreboot,T440P & GUIX installer
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 11:13:53 +0000

Hi Jerome,

Many people run Guix [sic] System on Coreboot (including Libreboot &c.) 
machines.  I have 3.  It's probably the most common single firmware 
implementation amongst Guix users—if you count all the copy/paste/modified 
vendor ones separately ;-)

I also use an Atheros card (ath9k, can't say which chip) without issue.  It's a 
fact that some routers refuse to reliably connect to older/less common 
hardware.  I'm lucky not to've encountered many.

The simple connectivity test performed by the Guix installer is at 
  Only one of these two servers need respond.

> (git repos for GUIX ?)

No, pre-built artefacts that are opportunistically 'substituted' for the result 
of local builds, whenever they are available.  Guix can and will always fall 
back to local builds without user intervention.  Of course, these will take 
very long and require (source code) downloads of their own.

So, questions:

- Can you not continue after this red screen about substitute availability?  I 
can't test it now, but IMO this should not be fatal.  If you can't, see the 
link above for a work-around to be performed *before* this check:

  # touch /tmp/installer-assume-online

- Can you reach either server from the command line?

- You specifically mention 'resolving GitHub'.  Why the focus on address 
resolution?  You don't mention it being relevant before that part.  Can you 
download content?

- Could you try the 'latest' (daily) image, even if I'm not aware of any 
pertinent bug fixes since 1.4?  <>.

If the installer has emacs as I think it does, you can use eww to test Web 
browsing.  If it doesn't have wget or curl  (I really don't remember), you can 
use 'guix download URL' as a hacky substitute (...heh).

Kind regards,


Sent on the go.  Excuse or enjoy my brevity.

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