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Musescore and other music notation packages like Lilypond, Frescobaldi,

From: Gottfried
Subject: Musescore and other music notation packages like Lilypond, Frescobaldi, Denemo, Rosegarden
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 16:52:25 +0000


I read today bad news about Musescore, customer support is very bad, people don’t get their money back ...


I don’t know if that is right, probably yes.

So I am asking if there is somebody in Guix
who uses other music notation packages like:
Lilypond, Frescobaldi, Denemo, Rosegarden

I had a brief look at Denemo.
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to import Lilypond files, which should be possible.
Secondly this package is only in English language.

Frescobaldi (with Lilypond) can be used in German language, which is helpful.

I spend at least 100 hours to learn Musescore
and to change to Frescobaldi or Denemo I would have to spend another 100-200 hours learning, which is not easy to make.

Rosegarden seemed to me too not so developed (I had a look some years ago), I don’t know if there are all the options, which Musescore provides.

I also don’t know if Frescobaldi or Denemo allows to decrease e.g.the fonts and the whole song so that it fits on one page, which is important for me. Probably yes, but I don’t know.

Does somebody use those packages, he can tell me of his experience.

I wrote simple songs, because I almost don’t know music theory, I am not a musician, ...
so a WYSIWYG package was helpful.
Frescobaldi with Lilypond requires a certain level of music theory understanding AFAIK, which would be difficult for me to learn.

If the Musescore team is so greedy to keep all the money they can get,
without really considering the need of the people,
than I have to consider in the long run to change to an other package,
but it is difficult, because I would have to learn again from scratch how to use those packages.

Kind regards


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