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Re: Musescore and other music notation packages like Lilypond, Frescobal

From: Gottfried
Subject: Re: Musescore and other music notation packages like Lilypond, Frescobaldi, Denemo, Rosegarden
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023 06:08:00 +0000


thanks for your help

You use


to create the document,

I tried to go into my lilypond profile
and to create a lilypond file:


but it doesn’t create a document.

message: can’t be found.

Than I created a file:

and opended it with:

So I can edit this file but
terminal message:
TypeError: Couldn't find foreign struct converter for 'cairo.Context'

Do I have to install something else?

How can I create a .ly file in the terminal?

On the lilypond website they create a file with frescobaldi, but they don’t explain how to do it in the terminal.

Kind regards


Am 20.03.23 um 15:43 schrieb Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide:

Gottfried <> writes:

Did you install only lilypond and use it?
When I installed it, there was no icon/symbol in my menu
so I didn’t know how to open lilypond.

Lilypond is a commandline program that turns textual descriptions of the
score into a PDF (or midi). You use


to create the document, so automation is much easier.

You edit the .ly-files with any text editor you choose.

How could I have opened lilypond?

If you open a command shell, you should be able to simply type lilypond
(or, on Windows: lilypond.exe) to run it.

I would have to learn it from scratch
and additionally through importing songs from Musescore
I would see what the code looks like.

That’s one of the advantages of lilypond: you actually see what it does.
It’s the LaTeX of music and provides the most beautiful scores.

Best wishes,


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