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Re: guix command line behavior upon network failure or package build fai

From: Csepp
Subject: Re: guix command line behavior upon network failure or package build failure
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 02:28:40 +0200

Might also make sense to keep retrying.  When downloading fails, proceed
to a derivation that needs to be built locally, and maybe when a local
build fails, try to see if the substitute server built it in the
meantime, and just download that.

On lower end machines with slow disks, having to re-run the derivation
computations is a pretty big problem, this would eliminate one cause of

Julien Lepiller <> writes:

> Failing earlier might still be friendlier, as guix will not be working for 
> nothing. When guix upgrade fails, nothing is upgraded, after all.
> Guix has the --keep-going option you can use to continue downloading/building 
> packages unrelated to the failure.
> Le 16 avril 2023 08:48:41 GMT+02:00, Andy Tai <> a écrit :
>>The user facing guix command has two modes of failure as I have seen,
>>when doing "guix upgrade" or "guix package -u":
>>1. if when downloading substitutes, if downloading fails due to
>>network conditions, the whole command errors out (exits)
>>2. if some software has to be built locally, and if the build fails,
>>the whole command errors out (exits)
>>is it possible to have the guix command keeps going and finishes other
>>works that may be unrelated to the failure, and finally prints out
>>messages about the packages that failed to update?    This would be
>>more user friendly and makes guix more usable for end users. Thanks

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