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Re: Help-Guix Digest, Vol 89, Issue 35 (Martin Castillo)

From: Martin Castillo
Subject: Re: Help-Guix Digest, Vol 89, Issue 35 (Martin Castillo)
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2023 17:02:57 +0200
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Am 23.04.23 um 15:12 schrieb Gottfried:

thanks very much for your help.

I did it, and when I use:
Alt + F2 and enter "icecat" it opens

or in the terminal I enter: "icecat" it opens.


But in the application menu there are no icon for "icecat"

So basically I get the packages through Alt + F2 and the terminal
but only the graphical icons in my application meny or the icons, shortcuts on the desktop are not there.

Of course it would also be fine to have the icons in the GUI, so that I know all the packages, which I have in all my profiles installed.

That's a problem with the application menu I think. I _think_ it's because guix has a different filesystem layout. So someone needs to write a patch for that software to search for the icons in the right directory.

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