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Re: to save my Guix System installation

From: Skyler
Subject: Re: to save my Guix System installation
Date: Wed, 24 May 2023 01:09:23 +0000

If you declared all your packages in the file that contains your 
operating-system definition then you can just save that file and point a new 
guix installation towards it to restore your configuration. If you've run 
imperative commands (for example, `guix install some-package`) then you'll need 
to record those separately, `guix package -I` will list all of the packages 
that you've installed imperatively. I'm not sure about other imperative 
actions, I'm obsessive about doing things declaratively exactly because it 
makes this kind of situation easy to deal with (I have a habit of bungling up 
my machines and needing to install them fresh). If you can share more details 
about how you have configured your guix system then I might be able to offer 
more specific advice.

Of course, this will do nothing to save your data, if you have data documents 
or other files in your home directory that are not system configuration then 
those will need to be saved separately in either case.


------- Original Message -------
On Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 at 3:50 AM, Gottfried <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have on one harddisk Guix installed,
> on a second harddisk GNUinOS.
> I want to reinstall GNUinOS
> and may be later on the same harddisk,
> on which Guix resides, reduce the size of the harddisk
> and install Trisquel on a second partition on it.
> To be on the save side
> I would like to copy... my Guix to a separate harddisk
> in order not to loose it.
> So that I can in the worst case replace it/I don’t know what to call it
> What are the options.
> I was reading the cookbook, but the procedure is not clear to me.
> What are the commands to copy/replicate my Guix System installation
> to an external harddisk (via USB connected) and later in case
> recopy it.
> Kind regards
> Gottfried

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