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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Web page, team profiles, weapons & voxels

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Web page, team profiles, weapons & voxels
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 22:55:31 +0200

2011/10/3 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:

>> Also, I think the inertia should be
>> calculated from the very last 1/10000000 second of the corsor
>> movement, so if the coursor has practually stopped, there will be no
>> inertia.
> Not quite sure to understand what you exactly mean, as of today inertia ain't
> implemented yet. My position is that if it behaves like GoogleEarth it's very
> likely to be understandable and usable by mainstream users ;)

I was speculating about what might possibly go wrong *when* it was
implemented ... eh, nevermind! :-)

>> It sounds like a *very* promising release!
> Hey, I hope it will live up its promises! FYI, I already uploaded 0.0.11beta
> files, no official announce since I need to a) build the RPM and DEB packages
> and b) prepare the web site, but for you happy Help-Liquidwar6 subscribers,
> just know it's already here:

Wow great! That wave effect is just perfect. I will look at adjusting
teams.xml. My plan so far:

strange-new-world       PLAYER: red ENEMY: blue
fishy           PLAYER: red ENEMY: green (level effect: wrap)
liquid-dream PLAYER: red ENEMY: yellow
nine-points     PLAYER: green ENEMY: 2*yellow (level effect:tunnel)
acadia  PLAYER: green ENEMY: 2*blue
playfield       PLAYER: green ENEMY: 2*red      (level effect:wrap)
ink-and-oil     PLAYER: blue ENEMY: red + yellow
five-points  PLAYER: blue ENEMY: green + yellow (level effect:tunnel)
january PLAYER: blue ENEMY: red + yellow + blue
pizza-face      PLAYER: yellow ENEMY: red+green+blue (level effect:wrap)
subflower       PLAYER: yellow ENEMY: red+green+blue
fish            PLAYER: yellow ENEMY: all

The reason I focus on red-green-blue-yellow is because I think it is
important that the player gets to understand the basic colors.

One thing I worry about is that both the experience system and the
color characteristics isn't very obvious, unless the player actually
RTFM, but I don't really have any suggestions.

Anyways, I should also try re-design textures on the wrap-around
levels to fit at the edges. I think I considered this at some time,
but never dreamed that it would actually be needed. (btw, that effect
is *so* cool)

>> Amazing! ... (my own HTC Android had a fatal encounter with a car
>> door, but I *almost* have a new one)
> OK, good to know you have such an equipment (I don't), might be nice for
> testing. I remember Kjetil Mehl did evocate the fact he'd likely work on such
> a port. Any news?

Nope, sorry. Never really had any contact with him

2011/9/4 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
> if we render things as
> voxels, fighters *and* map would be rendered that way. Remember we have
> layers. Basically, we could represent the different levels, the fact the
> color map is 2d ain't a problem, this is just some form of 2d and a half,
> the 2d bitmap is extruded on the z-axis, that's all.
> It's important to keep the same artwork so that the same map can ne played
> 2d or 3d, this is pure eye candy.

Understood! Would it be possible to have a greyscale image define the
height of the map texture? This would give a lot of design options.
One could even export a high map from a 3D program, and it would even
be possible to avoid the "floating square" look of the levels, by
adjusting the edges.

I guess the fighters should either follow the height of the texture,
or be fixed at a certain height.

I have tried giving a level texture some fake 3-dimensional effect, to
guess how it would look:

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