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Re: Hard time figuring out what order-only prerequisites really do.

From: Angel Tsankov
Subject: Re: Hard time figuring out what order-only prerequisites really do.
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 15:29:46 +0300

I didn't get this. Could you give a more detaild explanation?

> In my view, all they do is change the meaning of "up to date" from the 
> usual "exists and timestamp is newer" to just "exists".
> Noel
> Angel Tsankov wrote:
>> I'm having a really hard time what order-only prerequsites really do.
>> First, I thought that they will do just fine if I want to have my object 
>> files go in a separate folder. This makes it necessary to ensure this 
>> folder (let's name it IntemediateFolder) exists before compilation of 
>> each source file. Of course, this check should not render the target 
>> (object file) out-of-date. As far as I get it all this make the 
>> folder-existence check (and creation if necessary) appropriate for an 
>> order-only prerequiste. However, I must be awfully wrong, 'cause I could 
>> not come up with a makefile that does exactly this. And I've been trying 
>> it since for a whole day...
>> So, I've attached the troublesome makefile. I execute it with make 3.80 
>> on a linux system. Could you explain to me why the script compiles the 
>> soruce files even when the objects do exist and are newer than the 
>> corresponding source files?
>> Best wishes,
>> An unsuccessful rocket sceintist 
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