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RE: VPATH question - Gnu make vs. Lucent nmake

From: Meinecke, Jon
Subject: RE: VPATH question - Gnu make vs. Lucent nmake
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 07:05:04 -0500

> Just a second: You try to use vpath/VPATH 'for
> locating ... targets'? Maybe there's the root of
> your problems. 

That may well be.  This is the Lucent nmake viewpath
functionality: being able to use "upstream" built
targets and intermediates.  Hence my question.
Viewpathing through multiple build areas is pretty
specific functionality to Lucent's nmake and a
couple of other build systems.

If you are familiar with clearmake (Rational), it
can "wink in" built targets so that they need not
be built locally. Lucent nmake can accomplish
similar reuse of built targets without the special
file system using its flavor of veiwpathing.

> VPATH/vpath find sources, not targets.

Yes.  This is likely the issue.  However, I don't
want to "place targets" using VPATH, but rather
"find" intermediate targets if they exist "upstream".
The placement of targets built is always specific
(local) and not viewpathed.  Much of this actually
works in gmake, just no direct way to force a local
source file to be used when there's an upstream
intermediate target that is newer.


Jon Meinecke

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