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RE: Win10/GNUmake4.1: paths in .INCLUDE_DIRS not searched

From: Jannick
Subject: RE: Win10/GNUmake4.1: paths in .INCLUDE_DIRS not searched
Date: Mon, 9 May 2016 18:41:09 +0200

> Would it be possible that the default include path is (1) an 
> environment or (2) a Make variable? If you want me to file a feature
request somewhere, could you please pass on where to do that?

Before we consider taking the value from an environment variable, IMO we
should augment the default value to include the default places where MinGW
is installed.

Feature requests are better submitted as Savannah bug reports, see


A feature request re (1) and (2) is posted
( including a patch which might
serve a starting point for the implementation of option (1) above; here the
Windows environment variable MAKELIBPATH is used. Just as a side remark: The
standard installation path of MinGW is C:\MinGW to where I think some users
might have restricted access only, if at all. 

Separately attached an enhanced version of build_w32.bat (incl. .diff
against the current Savannah git version) allowing for MinGW compilation, as
well. This is useful if - as here - MinGW and Cygwin exist in tandem on the
system. Please note that the script includes the definition of hard coded
explicit include paths (-D INCLUDEDIR = ...).  


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