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[Help-nano] Altering DOS/Mac/Unix terminated text files

From: Fergus Daly
Subject: [Help-nano] Altering DOS/Mac/Unix terminated text files
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 07:51:12 +0000

Hello -
Just started using nano 2.4.0. As with many previous versions
        nano -help
        -N    --noconvert    Don't convert files from DOS/Mac format
carrying the implication that without the switch -N, files will be converted to 
Unix format.
But this is not what happens.
        nano (no argument)
        nano -N
are identical: they don't convert. 
If you go back far enough the following beautiful behaviour is what happened 
with v.1.3.4:
        nano (no argument) = if not Unix, convert convert to Unix
        nano -D = if not DOS, convert to DOS
        nano -M = if not Mac, convert to Mac
        nano -N = do not change format
PLEASE could nano v.current be made to mimic the marvellous behaviour of 1.3.4?
Or, if not, how can I get
        nano {? switch} = if not Unix, convert to Unix 
Thank you.

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