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Alt+Insert does not work, and nohelp gives too little help

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Alt+Insert does not work, and nohelp gives too little help
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2020 15:35:21 +0200
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Op 13-08-2020 om 07:56 schreef Seb:
> Thanks for the new features!

I'm guessing you are referring to --bookstyle.  But which other new
feature(s) are you happy with?

> Alt+Insert shows a white-on-red error message "Unknown sequence".

What does M-V M-Ins put in an empty buffer?  (You would probably
need to type: Esc V M-Ins.)  What terminal are you using?  With
what kind of settings?

> Esc+Insert offers "File to insert [from ./]".

Esc Ins will do the same as Ins by itself, no surprise there.

>> ? The Execute Command prompt is now directly accessible from the
>>    main menu (with ^T, replacing the Spell Checker).  The Linter,
>>    Formatter, Spell Checker, Full Justification, Suspension, and
>>    Cut-Till-End functions are available in this menu too.
> It's nice to have this menu.
> With "set nohelp", though, it's confusing. I like the extra screenspace 
> offered
> by this option, but it makes ^T hard to discover now.

Yes, that is the disadvantage of experienced users: when something
is added or changed in the help lines, they will not see it.  :|

(To alleviate this a bit, M-X was made to work in every menu.)

> Can the help lines at the
> bottom be shown in this menu [regardless] of "set nohelp"?

I don't want to do that, as the ^T menu is twinned with ^R  (you can
switch between the two with ^X) -- it would complicate matters.

I would suggest you remove "set nohelp" from your nanorc for a while.
(Hmmm...  Maybe nano should simply ignore nohelp for the first week
after a release?  ...  No, just kidding.)

Or you could add at the end of your nanorc:

  bind M-[ execute main
  bind ^T "^[[^[x"

(where each ^[ is a literal escape character).

This will switch the help lines on the first time you type ^T.
(It will leave them on when you exit from there, but that will
give you a chance to practice typing M-X.)


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