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fmins; Symbolic functions

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: fmins; Symbolic functions
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 01:46:19 -0500

On 21-May-1997, James Ryan <address@hidden> wrote:

|       I think octave is excellent.  I just incorporated the fsolve
|       from cpearls.  I have been using this to replace the fmins calls
|       that I have from old matlab code that I wrote.  Unfortunately,
|       fsolve doesn't return with a 1 for info, unless a root of the
|       function is found.

I'm not sure I understand the problem.  If you think there is a bug,
can you please submit a complete bug report to
|       Of course, it shouldn't do this anyways.  fmins, if incorporated
|       into octave, would return 1 if a local minimum is found (even if
|       this minimum was not a zero).
|       Does octave have such a function?

There isn't an implmentation of a function like fmins yet.  Would
someone like to volunteer to write it?



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