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Symbolic functions

From: Jesus Frias Celayeta
Subject: Symbolic functions
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 10:41:53 +0100 (WET DST)

Dear octave-users:

I am not a programmer and I think I would be of little help for
programming the interfacing of octave with any symbolic mathematics
program, but there is my hint: 

I have been recently used one symbolic package, MuPAD from Padernborn
University (DE), to teach Mathematical Analisis. I think that this program
is way ahead of the others in terms of user interface, plotting
capabilities, symbolic math libraries (yes, it has invlaplace!!) and of
course, lacks of number crunching capabilities. MuPAD is now able to
connect via dynamic modules with external programs ( late versions), and
they have an experimental interface with maple now. I am sure the
developers would be very interested in the possibility of interfacing with
octave. However the license they have is different from the one octave

1.-MuPAD is available via FTP and on CD. These versions have a memory
limitation which can be unlocked by obtaining a license key. Registration
is free of charge for the research community and private users. 

2.-MuPAD is not public domain, but it is free devoted to the scientific
community and distributed free of charge for non-commercial use.
The MuPAD home page is

This is the text of the license:



Subject to the conditions herein and upon initial use of MuPAD (MuPAD,
Copyright (c) B. Fuchssteiner, Automath, University of Paderborn, Germany)
the MathPAD Group grants to the licensee a perpetual, non-transferable,
use of the MuPAD system. No license, right or interest in any trademark,
trade name or service mark is granted under this license. 

This license, the licensed software and any other information provided to
the licensee, may not be sold, leased, assigned, sub licensed or otherwise
transferred, in whole or in part, by the licensee. 

The licensee shall reproduce and apply any copyright notices included on
or in MuPAD to any copies thereof, in whole or in part, in any form. The
licensee shall be solely responsible for installation of MuPAD. 

The licensee shall not use, disclose, or make any other copies of MuPAD,
apart from those described below, without the authorization of the MathPAD
Group. The licensee shall be able to maintain backup or archival copies of
MuPAD. In case, the licensee wants to make copies for other machines in
his institution than those specified in this license agreement, he may do
so, provided he notifies the MathPAD Group and submits information about
the number and the location of these machines. The MathPAD Group can deny
the right for further use of these copies, in this case the licensee is
obliged to remove these copies.  Furthermore the licensee has to ensure
that users of such copies are bound by this license agreement. 

If licensee publishes scientific results that were partly obtained using
MuPAD, he is requested to cite MuPAD, just as he would cite other papers
that he used. Also he is kindly asked to inform the MathPAD Group about
such papers and to provide one pre- or reprint.  This policy will help to
ensure further development and maintenance of MuPAD. 

The licensee shall make reasonable efforts to notify and inform users
having access to MuPAD to the limitations set up by this license
agreement. Users are obliged to report bugs encountered in MuPAD to


The MathPAD Group does not make any express or implied warranties
including, but not limited to, the warranties of design, merchantability
or fitness for a particular purpose, or arising from a course of dealing,
usage or trade practice. 

In no event will the MathPAD Group be liable for any lost revenues or
profits or other special, indirect or consequential damages, even if the
MathPAD Group has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

The MathPAD Group's maximum liability for damages shall be limited to the
license fees paid by licensee under this license for MuPAD which caused
the damages. 

I hope this is of any help.



Jesus Maria Frias Celayeta
Escola Superior de Biotecnologia
R. Dr. Antonio Bernardino de Almeida s/n
4200 Porto. PORTUGAL.

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