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Re: gnuplot for octave in windows nt

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: gnuplot for octave in windows nt
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 14:20:18 -0600

On 18-Mar-1998, Thomas Hoffmann <address@hidden> wrote:

| And, by the way: Did anybody on the list manage Win-octave to work/plot from 
| another drive than C: ?

What is the problem?  If it is that the colon causes trouble in the
LOADPATH, then perhaps the following suggestion from the
README.Windows file will help:

  * If Octave takes a long time to find function files, you may have to
    modify your LOADPATH to avoid device names specified using the
    `//DEV/subdir' syntax.  To map the D: drive (for example) to
    /D_DRIVE, do the following:

      cd /
      mkdir /D_DRIVE
      mount d: /D_DRIVE

    Then you can set your LOADPATH to include /D_DRIVE/subdir instead of

| (Aehmm: Does anybody use octave under windows at all
| or is it just supplied and never used aka tested ? ;-))

I build the Windows binary and make it available with the idea that it
will be useful.  But since I do not use Windows much myself I don't
know if it actually is useful (though I do try to run it and perform a
few simple tasks, to make sure that at least that much works).

It would be nice if someone who actually likes Windows (or at least
knows it well enough to work with it) could manage the port, much like
great job Klaus Gebhardt has done with the OS/2 port.

Any volunteers?



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