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gnuplot for octave in windows nt

From: Johan_Kullstam
Subject: gnuplot for octave in windows nt
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 11:12:04 -0500

On 10-Mar-1998, Ionut Borcoman <address@hidden> wrote:

| I still like the idea of gnuplot. Unfortunately, my colleagues which
| use Win95 have other opinion because they are unable to display any
| images under Win95.  Mumit Khan have now only a patch for gnuplot on
| his site. There are neither sources to patch with this patch, nor
| information about how the patch can be used.

Mumit's README file about his patched version of gnuplot on his web
site says

  GNUPLOT pre-3.6 (beta 332) hacked version for cygwin32 Octave 2.0.5

so I assume his patch is relative to that, though it will probably
apply ok with newer beta releases of gnuplot too (I haven't tried).

Beta releases of gnuplot are available from


yes i have tracked all this down too.  unfortunately, i am still unable to
get a working gnuplot because:

1) source for gnuplot pre3.6 beta 332 seems to have disappeared off the
face of the earth.

2) mumit khan's patch does not work against the version i did manage to
find - beta 340.  there
seems to be a lot of activity since 332 and almost all patches are

3) i have no idea how to get it to compile with cygwin32.  i did manage to
compile it by combining the
makefiles for unix, windows and os/2 but i never got the executable to
actually display anything.

has anyone gotten a working gnuplot?  i know there's something about not
being able to distribute
modified binaries, but if a patch and it's corresponding pristine source
could be made available at
one site, it would go a *long* way to help us out.

i am enjoying the new octave and gnuplot at home on my linux system.  i am
forced to use windows nt
at work and sorely miss this great tool.  thanks for all the work.


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