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Re: step?

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: step?
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 09:43:22 +0100

Hi John,
> On 22-Jan-1999, Daniel Heiserer <address@hidden> wrote:
> | El Jeffo wrote:
> | >
> | > Anyone familiar with the matlab function "step()" which kinda gives a
> | > graph of some lti system?  or can I just steal the step.m file from matlab
> | > and use it in octave?  Anyone else ever borrowed .m files from matlab?  Is
> | > it legal?  (just want a matlab like program for linux cause I don't want
> | > to reboot to windows)
> | >
> |
> | I won't steel it (Copyright) ;-). But if you have it, you probably paid
> | for it
> | and than it's yours and you can do with it what you want (I think).
> I think not.  I would bet that the copyright and/or license severely
> restricts what you can do with it.
> The license may allow you to modify the copy of the toolbox that you
> purchased so that it will run with Octave.  Or it may not.  Perhaps
> you should ask the MathWorks instead of asking here.
> But, even if the license does allow you to modify the toolbox so that
> it will work with Octave, wouldn't it be more useful for everyone if
> you helped to write a free replacement instead?  Then everyone would
> benefit from your efforts.

Well rewriting a whole bunch of files is a lot of work, but a good idea.
How can you rewrite something, which src's is available without copying
at least parts of the code (m-files)???
If there is a copyright on it than it is probably also on parts of it.
Where is the border (how many loops, which variable names)?
I think this is a VERY undefined region. Any ideas?
When I want to rewrite a whole toolbox it should be at least 100% 
compatible +more features. Otherwise I have really big problems here
whith the "productivity line" running on matlab.

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