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Re: Wikibook on octave

From: Nicolas Pettiaux
Subject: Re: Wikibook on octave
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 15:22:13 +0100

2007/1/29, David Bateman <address@hidden>:
Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:

Hi Nicolas,

I'm not sure I see the interest in creating a separate WikiBook for
Octave, though of course we value the effort. My reasoning is that as
incompatibilities between Matlab and Octave are in most cases considered
as bugs, then the Matlab WikiBook should in an ideal world equally apply
to Octave. Therefore you are creating additional work for yourself in
writing a separate contribution and you'll have to continually keep
chasing the original document and porting changes between version.

I fully agree.

Please read
where you'll find my suggestions to first rename the book about
Matlab to "Octave and matlab programming" . There and in and you'll find some
replies of the heavy contributors of the above book, who are not

I believe a better way would be to request that the original document
includes a section of Octave specific issues to allow the dwindling
number of differences between Octave and Matlab to be discussed.

Please help me propose this and argue in this direction, then in
writing this chapter.

it integrated in the original document would also make the task of
evangelizing Octave that much easier as well..

oh YES. and this is why I first wanted the book renamed.



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