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Re: Octave Forge functions in 3.0.0

From: P.J.G. Long
Subject: Re: Octave Forge functions in 3.0.0
Date: 09 Feb 2008 19:26:07 +0000

Thank you for all the help, on further investigation here are
my findings and any help would be welcome.

1) In moving up to 3.0.0 I don't seem to be able to get toggle_grace_use.

As mentioned before the grace support has been added using the
graceplot pkg from octaveforge

Once 'installed' I am still getting the error
error: `toggle_grace_use' undefined near line 8 column 1

NB Platform Knoppix/Debian

2) The other problem that I originally thought was related, see below,
involves calling Octave from a cgi-script. We have setup a library of
spreadsheet and octave/MATLAB engineering calculations. The Octave
code can be downloaded to be included in other code or run on-line. The
system takes input from a html form and calls octave as the back-end
engine. The text and graphics output are then parsed and displayed on
the web page.
 The system has been working for a couple of years using the 2.1.xx
versions of Octave (Debian and knoppix, locally on a machine or on a
remote machine - using trivial htttp or Apache as the server), a
typical call made by the cgi-script being as below:
(See simplified version of the red_thick_wall_pressure.m function below

__gnuplot_raw__ ("set term svg size 600 600 fixed enhanced;"); __gnuplot_raw__ ("set lmargin 12;"); __gnuplot_raw__ ("set output '/tmp/REDtools/1809391321000/graphicout.svg';"); multiplot (1,1); red_thick_wall_pvessel(10,0,0.1,0.15,210E9,0.3,1, 1809391321000); __gnuplot_raw__ ("unset multiplot;"); __gnuplot_raw__ ("set output;\n");

updating to 2.9.9 + gnuplot 4.3 caused a few
problems all of which seemed to be sortable except for some problems
with corrupted legends.

However, moving up to 3.0.0 has caused more problems especially with
the wrapping octave calls, put in by the cgi-script, the error message
being returned :

__gnuplot_raw__: this function is obsolete and will be removed from a future version of Octave error: `multiplot' undefined near line 1 column 176

Initially I was misled as I thought it was related to the Grace(plot)
issue above as the only multiplot.m file was in the grace
area. However I now realise that multiplot used to be in the main
Octave plot area and is now removed (post 2.9.9 ?). Removing the
multiplot calls obviously removes the error, and at least works on the
command line, e.g. __gnuplot_raw__ ("set term svg size 600 600 fixed enhanced;"); __gnuplot_raw__ ("set lmargin 12;"); __gnuplot_raw__ ("set output '/tmp/REDtools/1809391321000/graphicout.svg';"); red_thick_wall_pvessel(10,0,0.1,0.15,210E9,0.3,1, 1809391321000); __gnuplot_raw__ ("set output;\n");

The more problematic area is with the __gnuplot_raw_ calls, e.g. the

__gnuplot_raw__ ("set output '/tmp/REDtools/1809391321000/graphicout.svg';");

call, which results with an empty file being produced by the
script. Run from the command line the call seems to be ignored and the
plot appears in a standard xwindow. I have read somewhere that
__gnuplot_set__ commands have now been removed but I thought
__gnuplot_raw__ were to remain and should still work. However the
error message seem to indicate that things are still moving, is there
anyway to retain the ability to call gnuplot functions directly using
something like __gnuplot_raw__ so that I can still work wrapping a
standard octave call from a xxxxxx.m file



function red_thick_wall_pvessel(Pi,Po,Di,Do,E,v,l)


%Lame's Constants




%Plot ristributions

xlabel('Radial Position (m)');
ylabel('Stress (Pa)');

n Feb 9 2008, Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote:

This is a just error correction.
However pre-build octave-forge packages for the debian.

However pre-build octave-forge packages for the debian might exist.

Regards --- Tatsuro MATSUOKA <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi error: `toggle_grace_use' undefined near line 8 column 1 Have you installed the graceplot package? Unlike 2.1.xx, the octave-forge function should be installed by pkg install command.

Please see

However pre-build octave-forge packages for the debian "might exist".
I do not know about debian because I'm a windows (cygwin) user
I hope that debian users reply to this matter.



--- "P.J.G. Long" <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Feb 8 2008, Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote: My standard platform is either > debian or knoppix(i.e. debian). Sorry re confusion when I say > graceplot I mean grace as in > which used to be toggled via the toggle_grace_use command > > I am using the system either from the command line or called from a > sgi script called via trivialhttp or apache (effectively the same) > > regards > > Peter > > > > >Dear P.J.G. Long
> >
> >What is your platform is?
> >Graceplot is meaningless for non-unixy environments.
> >(Even on windows, it is meaningful for the cygwin user.)
> >Therefore please tell us it first.
> >
> >The reply will be change according to your platform is.
> >
> >Regards
> >Tatsuro
> >
> >   ""P.J.G. Long" <address@hidden>" wrote:
> >>On Feb 4 2008, Tatsuro MATSUOKA > >>
> >>
> >> Dear Tatsuro,
> >>
> >> thank you for the feedback. I have been investigating further > >> and although I am getting the __gnuplot_set__ /raw warnings I think > >> there is also an interaction with octave_forge and some of the > >> plotting functions.
> >>
> >> I have now installed all the packages from octave_forge and things > >> seems to have become a little more confused. Plotting a simple > >> graph no-longer shows the menu bar at the to of the gnuplot window. > >> Trying to use toggle_grace_use rsults in an error
> >>
> >>error: `toggle_grace_use' undefined near line 8 column 1
> >>
> >>uninstalling graceplot gives the following feedback
> >>
> >> warning: some of the packages you want to uninstall are not > >> installed.
> >>
> >>however reinstalling it give no errors and the same results!
> >>
> >> has anyone else seen changes to the plotting from 3.0.0 once > >> octave_forge is installed?
> >>
> >> Also has anyone seen problems with Graceplot? > >> > >> Some of my problems could be solved by rewriting code, but I would > >> rather not do this as the code is buried in a web front end that > >> automatically calls the appropriate octave analysis code and > >> displays the results in the browser captured from the gnuplot > >> output. Thus it would probably require changing most of the octave > >> code library(gulp!)
> >>
> >>  Regards
> >>
> >>    Peter
> >
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Easy + Joy + Powerful = Yahoo! Bookmarks x Toolbar

Easy + Joy + Powerful = Yahoo! Bookmarks x Toolbar

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