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Re: embedding octave - floating point exception

From: Jason Riedy
Subject: Re: embedding octave - floating point exception
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 18:38:29 -0400
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And Marco Driusso writes:
> Yes, the "larger" program is ns-2, a network simulation program.

Oy.  The tcl init code in ns-2 explicitly turns on trapping /
interrupts for division by zero.  There's a bizarre comment
before that code, but it looks like a conscious decision on their
part.  You'll need to wrap calls to Octave and possibly other
math libraries.

Thanks for pointing out ns-2.  I know some people who tried to
use ns-2 for network tomography experiments and ran into
undescribed problems.  I think you just told me what their
problems were...


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