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RE: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista

From: Tim Rueth
Subject: RE: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 22:43:39 -0800

Thanks Tatsuro.  I downloaded and installed MinGW-4.1.6.exe from your first

I now have gcc, g++, g77, etc. (no g95 or gfortran) executables in the bin
directory, but no ming32-gcc..., ming32-g++..., or ming32-gfortran...
executables.  Were these particular files supposed to be downloaded?  There
is no version number shown as part of the executable filename.  Did I
install the wrong MinGW file?

To answer your previous question, I was trying to install the octave "time"
and "miscellaneous" packages when it complained that I didn't have a
compiler, hence my quest to find one.  I don't whether I will build any
dynamically-linked functions...right now I just want to write a .m file that
does some statistical analysis on an input data file, with possibly some .m
function calls.  I'm not a savvy programmer when it comes to understanding
how to install programs, so I appreciate your time and help!



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Subject: Re: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista


The GCC(GNU Complier Collection) that are native to MS-Windows is MinGW
(Minimalist GNU for Windows).
The MinGW GCC binaries are provided from two different distributors.
1. project site of MinGW) 2. (TDM's GCC/mingw32 Builds)

However, MinGW version of octave for windows package which cab be downloaded
from the sourceforge cite includes the GCC system (C, C++, Fortran). 
You need not install it you can find it (octave install

In the bin folder, you can find C, C++, Fortran compliers

Note that Octave-3.2.2/mingw32 uses gcc-4.3.0 (TDM) while Octave-3.2.3/mingw
uses gcc-4.4.0 (MinGW project itself). You have to use gcc-4.3.0 for
Octave-3.2.2/mingw32 (or earlier) and gcc-4.4.0 for Octave-3.4.3/mingw32.

BTW, what do you plan to do by gcc compilier? 
Do you want to build  Dynamically Linked Functions or standalone program?
If so, you just use mkoctfile command at octave prompt.
The mkoctfile on octave uses GCC in proper way to give oct files and
standalone program.
Please read the section of
Appendix A Dynamically Linked Functions in the octave manual carefully. 



--- Tim Rueth wrote:

> Would someone please provide me with a download link for gcc for 
> Windows Vista?  I searched around but kept on getting 
> bounced around, never finding the actual downloadable file for Vista 
> and instructions on how to install it.  Even a US mirror site that I 
> clicked on appears to be broken.
> Also, I currently have octave\3.2.2_gcc-4.3.0 installed (but 
> apparently no compiler).  Do I specifically need the gcc-4.3.0 
> version, or can/should I install a newer version of gcc?
> Thanks,
> --Tim
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