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Re: [OctDev] Trouble with jhandles--installation issue?

From: Judd Storrs
Subject: Re: [OctDev] Trouble with jhandles--installation issue?
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 13:10:20 -0400

2010/8/10 Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso <address@hidden>
On 9 August 2010 01:33, Michael Goffioul <address@hidden> wrote:
> Due to GPL license violation claim, this package is no longer available.

I just noticed that there is a packaging request for Debian for
jhandles, and I *did* mean to get around to it.

Is it impossible to work around the GPL issue? Is there any code that
could be rewritten?

This smells like the GPL distribution claim that was raised about whether the GPL authorizes octave-forge to distribute Microsoft's implementation of the C++ standard libraries or even to distribute binaries that link to them. It was decided (by address@hidden) that the FSF's position was that the mechanism Microsoft uses to distribute it's implementation of the C++ standard library does not qualify for the "system library exemption" therefore (1) the libraries cannot be distributed alongside octave and (2) GNU considers binaries linking to them to violate of the GPL. It's frustrating because it apparently boils down to the fact that Microsoft doesn't ship the C++ standard library as part of a standard Windows install.

Basically, what appears to be necessary is getting these packages to compile/work using the newer mingw port that replaced the MSVC port.


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