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Re: [OctDev] Trouble with jhandles--installation issue?

From: Martin Helm
Subject: Re: [OctDev] Trouble with jhandles--installation issue?
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 23:35:16 +0200
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Am Dienstag, 10. August 2010 23:20:41 schrieb Michael Goffioul:
> There has been a lot of confusion in this thread. The GPL violation I
> mentioned was not against jhandles, but against the Windows binary
> package I used to provide. Those MSVC-compiled binaries contained a
> working version of jhandles. When I mention the GPL issue, I was
> specifically referring to the Windows binaries.
> Now, concerning jhandles itself, it has been written whene there was
> no graphics code in octave. It implemented its own modules (property
> system, rendering, windowing) entirely in java. A large part of this
> is now natively available in octave (for instance the OpenGL rendering
> in octave is actually a rewrite of jhandles rendering in C++), making
> their jhandles equivalent obsolete. Jhandles has grown unmaintained,
> because I spent my time (re)implementing the graphics code in octave
> rather than keeping it up to date. So the bottom line is: current
> jhandles implementation is not suited for current octave code.
> I think there's still room for a java-based backend, but it should be
> rewritten as a thin wrapper on top of octave, making use of octave
> tools (like the OpenGL renderer). I wrote some experimental code a
> long time ago, using that idea. I could pass it on if anybody is
> interested. While keeping the current implementation is theoretically
> possible, it doesn't really make sense as a large part is redundant
> with octave's code.
> Concerning printing jhandles plot, I think your best chance at the
> moment would be to make the figure background white, then use your
> favorite screenshot tool to take a snapshot of the figure content.
> It's better than nothing... Jhandles used to be able to print figures
> to png, but I'm not sure it's still working.
> Michael.
Thank you for clarifying the status of jhandles. I understand that the focus 
is now on fltk (which I use very much). My regret is that there are still some 
things in jhandles which I miss in fltk (the gui functions and the lighting 
capabilities). My knowledge about C++ is as old as my windows programming 
skills, but the latter ones are not needed for fltk.
So I understand if I want to help improving the graphics capabilities of 
octave it seems to be better if I make myself familiar with the fltk backend 
code (and renew my rusty C++ knowledge) and try to add functionality there?
Is that correct?
Then I will check the next days where I see a chance to help improving the 
fltk backend by working on missing functionality.

- mh

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