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Re: zenity package from MacPorts?

From: Matthias Brennwald
Subject: Re: zenity package from MacPorts?
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 21:18:04 +0300

On 12. Aug 2010, at 19:15, Søren Hauberg wrote:

> tor, 12 08 2010 kl. 17:58 +0300, skrev Matthias Brennwald:
>> I installed the zenity package via MacPorts as follows:
>>      sudo port install octave-zenity
>> This did not produce any errors or warnings, so I assumed everything
>> worked as intended. However, Octave does not find the zenity commands.
>> I guess the path to the zenity package needs to be added to the seach
>> path somehow. Just to check, I added the path to the zenity package to
>> my .octaverc file, which worked. However, I'd prefer to treat the
>> zenity package in the same way as the other Octave packages installed
>> via MacPorts, which did not require any tweaking of my .octaverc file.
> Ohh, I always assumed zenity was Linux/BSD only. How did you install
> zenity?

With MacPorts: sudo port install zenity

But don't expect anything Aqua. It works with X11 and looks like Gnome (and it 
probably is Gnomish).

> Anyway, is zenity installed in a standard location on Mac or does that
> depend on how you installed zenity?

which zenity

> If it is in a standard location then
> I guess we can add this path when the 'zenity' package is loaded.

zenity itself is not the issue. The issue is that Octave does not find the *.m 
files from the Octave-zenity package. If I manually tell Octave where to look 
for the *.m files (e.g. using addpath(...)), everything works nicely.


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