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Re: zenity package from MacPorts?

From: CdeMills
Subject: Re: zenity package from MacPorts?
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 01:23:37 -0700 (PDT)

Matthias Brennwald wrote:
> With MacPorts: sudo port install zenity
> But don't expect anything Aqua. It works with X11 and looks like Gnome
> (and it probably is Gnomish).
>> Anyway, is zenity installed in a standard location on Mac or does that
>> depend on how you installed zenity?
> which zenity
> /opt/local/bin/zenity
>> If it is in a standard location then
>> I guess we can add this path when the 'zenity' package is loaded.
> zenity itself is not the issue. The issue is that Octave does not find the
> *.m files from the Octave-zenity package. If I manually tell Octave where
> to look for the *.m files (e.g. using addpath(...)), everything works
> nicely.
OK. We're at the heart of the problem. I showed you an example of direct use
of zenity, through a 'system' call. When you add some octave package from
octave-forge, it goes as follows:
1) download the package.tar.gz from sourceforge
2) install: from octave, "pkg install '/the/path/of/package.tar.gz"
3) to use it: do a "pkg load package" prior to its use

You use the MacPorts system, which performs step 1 and 2 automatically. The
last one is up to you, either from octave command line or inside your


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