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Re: (jhandles installs.... then error) Implementation of "uicontrol" for

From: Martin Helm
Subject: Re: (jhandles installs.... then error) Implementation of "uicontrol" for latest Octave?
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 13:01:05 +0200
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Am Sonntag, 22. August 2010, 03:35:37 schrieb Pen-Yuan Hsing:
> Unable to select one of the provided
> GLCapabilities

Yes - this is near to a working installation, as far as I understand this 
message and as far as I understand the results from google. 
This message (which I do not have) comes from some problem with the graphics 
card driver and/or that some native library is not found which is needed by 
the opengl bindings.
So you seem to have a problem which is on a lower level than the octave and 
the jhandles installation.
Which type of virtual machine are you using (they differ in the simulated 
graphics cards)?. Also you should check  if 
tells you something strange (I know this is a bit vague but I also do not know 
what to look at there are too many possibilities, just check the version 
strings for opengl the vendor and the renderer, maybe it gives you a hint).
Did you install jogl from the repository with apt-get/synaptic or did you 
download it somewhere (in the second case it can be that the native libs are 
not found without some additional settings - namely the option 
java.library.path for the jvm)?

- mh

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