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Specifying RGB triples

From: pathematica
Subject: Specifying RGB triples
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 23:56:27 -0700 (PDT)

I wish to produce publication quality images. 
I can obtain them with a little effort, but I was wondering whether I might
use Octave more efficiently.

At present I output to svg, then post process using Inkscape. 
I use Inkscape to change yellow objects (#FFFF00) to orange ones (#FF7F00),
so that they might be better seen in print. 
>From Inkscape, I save in pdf at 1200 dpi files.
I import the pdf files into LaTeX using suitable trim/clip and scale
parameters and the result is very good.

I have found a few posts that suggest (but, unfortunately, it is never
completely clear) that it might be possible to print in arbitrary color by
specifying RGB triplets. 
However, I cannot find a syntax that works (I apologise for not having any
specimen attempts to post here). 

(in the first instance, yes/no answers would suffice to vindicate further
attempts to make it work but, if the answer were yes, specimen syntax would
be appreciated!)

1) Is it possible to print directly in orange (by specifying RGP triplets or
by some other means)?

2) Would saving to pdf from Octave achieve the same level of resolution as
the 1200 dpi from Inkscape? 
(This would only be of value if I could print in orange so that I did not
need to post process the images).

Thank you for any comments that might follow.

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