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Re: Any interest in a Human Response to Vibration package?

From: Alec Teal
Subject: Re: Any interest in a Human Response to Vibration package?
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 12:54:49 +0100
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WTF is that confidential part about, you posted to a mailing list!

Surely new packages are always welcome, I'm not actually sure what HRV Analysis is, but can it hurt to have it?


On 05/08/14 15:21, Damian Harty wrote:
For many years now I have been doing HRV analysis, in accordance with
BS 6841 and ISO 2631, using bespoke Octave functions and scripts.
If there is a view that such a package would be of use, I would be
amenable to working with one or more others, who understand this
stuff, to help develop a suitable Octave package.
I have mixed feelings about this.

I currently use some of these ideas but also some variations on these ideas, 
such as the Average Absorbed Power model and the Dynamic Response Index.

Good: It's good to know that some code has been tested to give known levels of 
replication of some benchmark calculations, since it avoids doubt. It would also be good 
to understand the whole "package" business, which isn't something I have turned 
my hand to as yet.

Bad: If I decided to use some compound of AAP and ISO2631 (I'm making it up for 
illustrative purposes) then I wouldn't be able to "just do it" as I can with my 
own scripts. My point is that there will always be something I want to do that isn't in 
the recipe, rather than trying to accommodate any specific thing today.

To get round the latter point we can make sure we specify things well in advance and 
really try to "future proof" or at least modularize things as much as possible. 
However, this starts to become more difficult than it looks, quite quickly, in my 

So the bottom line is that it's a cautious yes from me, as long as the code is 
open and readable.


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