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RE: Any interest in a Human Response to Vibration package?

From: Damian Harty
Subject: RE: Any interest in a Human Response to Vibration package?
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 13:41:19 +0000

> WTF is that confidential part about, you posted to a mailing list!

The confidential thing is a standard footer added beyond my control. It's 
clearly meaningless since the email is to a public mailing list. Don't bust my 
chops about it...

> Surely new packages are always welcome, I'm not actually sure what HRV 
> Analysis is, but can it hurt to have it?

HRV=Human Response to Vibration, like in the subject line.

"Surely it can't hurt to have it" is what leads to bloatware, confusion and 
errors. Look around at all the different FFT implementations for an abject 
lesson in software muddle, then study the Mars Climate Orbiter for what happens 
when people get complacent with complex software. In my opinion, your mileage 
may vary, etc.

Anyway, Terry sharpened his comments up to suggest a dedicated ISO2631 package, 
which gets round all of my cautions. So now I'm all for it, and will help 
however I can.

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