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How can I help

From: Aidan Macdonald
Subject: How can I help
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 19:22:49 -0800


My name is Aidan Macdonald. I am a Computer Engineering/Physics 3rd year undergraduate at UC San Diego. I currently do Machine Learning research and development for Webroot. I have a strong interest in numerical methods and numerical optimization.

I would like to help in anyway. I have a personal vested interest in working on octave-control and octave-symbolic, so I would probably do better work there. What should I do to get started? For octave-control, I wanted to write a stepinfo function into octave-control.

Thank you,

Aidan Plenert Macdonald
4178 Decoro Street, San Diego, CA 92122
Cell: 805 418 0174

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