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Re: Textscan Stops for Missing Data

From: Ozzy Lash
Subject: Re: Textscan Stops for Missing Data
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 19:22:19 -0500

Have you tried setting the "WhiteSpace" option so that it doesn't include \t?  I see different behavior with that.  The only problem is, your file has a few lines that start with a tab, and that trows the processing off.  If I get rid of those tabs, it reads 110 entries.

The argument I used was "WhiteSpace", " \b\n\r"

Reading the documentation is strread for I see the default is " \b\n\r\t" , Reading that documentation, it does say:

          Whitespace is
          always added to the set of delimiter characters unless at
          least one "%s" format conversion specifier is supplied; in
          that case only whitespace explicitly specified in "delimiter"
          is retained as delimiter and removed from the set of
          whitespace characters.  If whitespace characters are to be
          kept as-is (in e.g., strings), specify an empty value (i.e.,
          "") for "whitespace"; obviously, whitespace cannot be a
          delimiter then.

Which is a bit confusing to me, but it sounds like, if there were a %s conversion, the \t might get deleted from the whitespace values.  It seems like it might make sense to always do that.


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