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[Help-source-highlight] Fwd: Integration with qgit

From: Marco Costalba
Subject: [Help-source-highlight] Fwd: Integration with qgit
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 20:23:17 +0200

Hi all,

  I'm trying to use your very nice tool with qgit
(, a Qt/C++ viewer for git
repositories like those at

I've come up with some nice screens  just after few hours toying with
source-highlight, your tool it's very user friendly ;-)

Screen 1.

QGit can show a file content for a given revision in file history. I
didn't say git is a revision control system?

After this step the annotation of the file is computed and added to
the content, as you can see in the current released version of qgit.

Screen 2.

The problem is how to add annotation info to the file before
processing with source-highlight so to preserve the view.

A naive attempt could be to wrap annotation info in comments, so after
processing you have something like

But, apart from the ugliness of the thing, there is the problem that
qgit does not know the kind of file (and will not know also in the
future! ). So to wrap always in C style comments is not the solution.

I really would like to use source-highlight, so if no (clean) way to
show annotate together with the file exists I think I will go for
splitting the view in two parts, the file content view (QTextEdit is
the Qt class name) and a new list view (QListView) just for the
additional annotation info.

Because this is quite a deep change I would like to ask for a your
comment /idea to workaround this  (not source-highlight) issue before
to bite the bullet.

A note about the screens. The integration with qgit is very simple and
straight, as you can read from the code shown in screen_1 :-)   The
real magic is done by QTextEdit that knows what to do with  HTML.

Anyhow, very nice stuff, indeed!


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