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RE: Different filenames sandbox/repository

From: Shankar Unni
Subject: RE: Different filenames sandbox/repository
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 08:41:16 -0700

> Here, we are actually concerned with small and capital letters, for
> repository:     foo.prl 
> sandbox OS/2:   FOO.PRL 
> sandbox linux:  foo.prl 

There's no way to do this transparently.

One thing you *can* do is to make sure that you always add files from a
system which is case-sensitive, but then you can check out onto
case-insensitive systems.

You *are* aware that you are allowed to pass in lower-case file names on
classic DOS and OS/2, aren't you? The file system will map it to an
uppercase name, but this will all work completely transparently when you
check out a file from the repository (which is hopefully running on a
case-sensitive system like Linux, or at least a case-preserving system like
Windows), onto OS/2.

So as long as you *create* such files from a work area on a case-sensitive
or case-preserving system, you can then *use* them on a case-insensitive
system. Even updates and commits will work fine.

Just never *add* a file from an OS/2 workarea.

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