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RE: Filenames with a blank

From: Shankar Unni
Subject: RE: Filenames with a blank
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 10:03:03 -0700

> Running Windows 2000, using CVSNT as server, TurtoiseCVS for 
> clients and having problems when filenames with a blank in it 
> are stored in the repository. How can I solve this problem?

Have you heard that old Henny Youngman gag?

"Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this <gesture>!"

"OK, so don't do it".

CVS is not completely at ease with filenames with spaces, unless you're very
diligent about quoting. 

How are you accessing the server (i.e. what are you specifying in your
CVSROOT variable)? Local? Pserver? NTServer/GSSAPI? Ext?

Perhaps TortoiseCVS has bugs in the quoting of filenames with spaces? That
are exposed by certain protocols?  

The best place to get help on this topic is the CVSNT mailing list (which is
a separate list - see, where the CVSNT/Windows experts
hang out.

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