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Re: CVS Tagging and Releases

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: CVS Tagging and Releases
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 07:41:14 -0500
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Liquidchild wrote:

Can you help!

I am trying to figure out the best way of doing the following...

We implement multiple code changes within a weekly release that is
tagged.  However say 9 of the 10 code fixes pass UAT but one fails, we
want to regress to the previous tag version for the files that failed
only.  I know that it is possible to revert back to another tag, but
this still maens that the current tag would exist in the repository for
that file, and future check outs of that tag would result in failure
when running the code.   We basically want to be able to move the
release to live with only the code changes for the 9 code fixes.  Would
it be better for a developer to individually tag the files that they
have changed then have another tag for each release to live?

For what you are describing it sounds like having each developer tag the baseline when they do a commit, or if a commit info script could do it(possible race conditions), that would make it easier to deal with. I would suggest making a script for the developers to run so that they always tag the whole repository instead of just the files they changed. it may be better to make the script a wrapper around `cvs commit` so that the commit and tag are done in the correct order.

You _might_ find the script in the following email useful to determine the base dir that the tag needs to start in.

this make it easier to pull a deveoplers change?

yes, if you have a tag DEV_1_31 that was good and a developer checks in a bad set of changes and tags with DEV_1_32, then you IIRC can issue

cvs update -jDEV_1_32 -jDEV_1_31

to just back out the changes that where faulty assuming later changes did not logically depend on those.

of course you may want/need to then commit the current sandbox set so later changes don't build on the broken code.



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