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Re: CVS Tagging and Releases

From: Liquidchild
Subject: Re: CVS Tagging and Releases
Date: 11 Apr 2006 01:40:18 -0700
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Thanks for this Todd, i should have maybe said that we are using WinCvs
as the interface.  Also what did you mean by: "of course you may
want/need to then commit the current sandbox set".

Also the -j option on the update, this would merge the first -j option
into the second, does that actually mean that it would remove the
changes that happened in the tag DEV_1_32?  Also what happens for
example if we wanted something like 'cvs update -jDEV_1_33 -jDEV_1_31,
would this then role out the changes in DEV_1_32 also? We are trying to
have it so that it is easy to identify what files a developer changed
as part of there tag, which is why we thought the individual file
tagging would be best, then we would only pull the changes from those
files.  Finally, is it possible to add a tag at any point in the
revision history, for example if a tag exists on the file of Tag_A
(revision 1.1) Tag_B (revision 1.3) and we wanted to go back and add
Tag_C to revision 1.2, is this possible? 

Thanks again for the help :)

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