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Re: CVS Tagging and Releases

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: CVS Tagging and Releases
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 07:53:59 -0500
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Liquidchild wrote:
Thanks for this Todd, i should have maybe said that we are using WinCvs
as the interface.  Also what did you mean by: "of course you may
want/need to then commit the current sandbox set".

If the stuff you were rolling out was bad/broken then you _may_ not want any of the other developers to build on that source. By committing the current (sandbox you ran `cvs update -jDEV_1_32 -jDEV_1_31` in) sandbox you put the "corrected" code back on the HEAD so that when others do normal updates they get the change you made.

Also the -j option on the update, this would merge the first -j option
into the second, does that actually mean that it would remove the
changes that happened in the tag DEV_1_32?

cvs update -jDEV_1_32 -jDEV_1_31
undoes the changes that occurred _between_ DEV_1_31 and DEV_1_32.

Also what happens for
example if we wanted something like 'cvs update -jDEV_1_33 -jDEV_1_31,
would this then role out the changes in DEV_1_32 also?

This would undo the changes that occurred between DEV_1_31 and DEV_1_33.
Assuming that DEV_1_32 was tagged onto the repo between DEV_1_31 and DEV_1_33, then yes it would role out the changes in DEV_1_32 too.

We are trying to
have it so that it is easy to identify what files a developer changed
as part of there tag, which is why we thought the individual file
tagging would be best, then we would only pull the changes from those

But I think that means `cvs update -jDEV_1_32 -jDEV_1_31` might remove all the files that were not changed between DEV_1_31 and DEV_1_32.

For what you are doing I believe that would be a bad idea. see:

I have a script (owned by the DoD) which I describe here
to build (tag names) and apply all my tags.

Finally, is it possible to add a tag at any point in the
revision history, for example if a tag exists on the file of Tag_A
(revision 1.1) Tag_B (revision 1.3) and we wanted to go back and add
Tag_C to revision 1.2, is this possible?
Thanks again for the help :)
cvs tag -r1.2 Tag_C file

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
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