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ssh on a non-standard port.

From: C.G.Senthilkumar.
Subject: ssh on a non-standard port.
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 12:42:41 -0800 (PST)


I'm tunneling my cvs through ssh. However, ssh on the cvsserver runs on
a non-standard port(2999 not port 22).

Settin CVS_RSH doesn't work. I get the following error upon a cvs status
$ export CVS_RSH="ssh -p 2999"
$ cvs -d :ext:address@hidden:/home/cheetanc/repository status file1
cvs [status aborted]: cannot exec ssh -p31899: No such file or directory
cvs [status aborted]: received broken pipe signal

There are no firewall issues. Plain ssh login such as:
$ ssh -p 2999 cvsserver
gives me a passowrd prompt and I'm able to login.

Sure, this seems like a trivial question, but the archives don't turn up
anything. Both client and server machines run linux.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.,

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