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CVS Tagging

From: stuart . graham . nis
Subject: CVS Tagging
Date: 14 Feb 2007 03:40:53 -0800
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Currently we use CVS to control our files, and when we do a release we
tag the files and then place all the files that have to be released
under this tag within another folder on CVS.  This then contains the
only the files that are being release, perhaps a subset of all the
files that were tagged (as not all the files changed, so don't
required to be released)

Thing is, this is not my way of working with CVS and i think they have
it wrong, for various reasons.  However there keen on being able to do
'patches' without having to do a full release, and tagging the patched
files with a different version, which is fine.  Any thoughts on there
process, improvements, i don't think they would go down the road of
branching per release just for patches.

Also if you only have two files within the whole repository that have
been tagged with a tag and then do a checkout on that tag, do you only
get those two files?



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