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Sorce tree from different repositories

From: Michael Ambrus
Subject: Sorce tree from different repositories
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:43:10 +0200

I'm working on a subset of an bigger project and I could use a way of maintaining both the subset and keeping up to date with the main project without messing around too much with patches. Preferably from the root of the combined source-tree as with any normal CVS project.

I've been reading the archives regarding this (or similar) issues and it seems that it would be possible to have the sources from different repositories as long as each part is in it's own sub-directory. This would work fairly well for my needs.

Since both the main project and the subset are fairly big and consists of many sub directories scattered around I would like to ask for some advice before I start experimenting.

* Is there anything I should pay special attention to ( i.e. anything that will not work without manual handling).
* Is there a way of making the initial checkout of both repositories to get the administrative files correctly set up, or do I have to manually modify the CVS/Entries file for each directory that has sub directories from both repositories? If so, how?
* Last but not least, is there another better way of doing this? (Merging the repositories is unfortunately not an option).


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