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Re: Changing signing key

From: issdr
Subject: Re: Changing signing key
Date: 3 Jul 2006 05:19:04 GMT
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leandro noferini wrote:

>>     ((add-to-list 'gnus-newsgroup-variables 'pgg-default-user-id))
> It seems to work good!
> Only one little thing: the line above is only with one parenthesis
> (add-to-list 'gnus-newsgroup-variables 'pgg-default-user-id)

yes, that's correct. sometimes i use dabbrev blindly...

>> in my `.gnus.el' file. (see (info "(gnus)group parameters") to understand
>> why)
> I could not understand.

|      You can use the group parameters to set variables local to the
|      group you are entering.  If you want to turn threading off in
|      `news.answers', you could put `(gnus-show-threads nil)' in the
|      group parameters of that group.  `gnus-show-threads' will be made
|      into a local variable in the summary buffer you enter, and the
|      form `nil' will be `eval'ed there.
|      Note that this feature sets the variable locally to the summary
|      buffer.  But some variables are evaluated in the article buffer,
|      or in the message buffer (of a reply or followup or otherwise
|      newly created message).  As a workaround, it might help to add the
|      variable in question to `gnus-newsgroup-variables'.  *Note Various
|      Summary Stuff::.  So if you want to set `message-from-style' via
|      the group parameters, then you may need the following statement
|      elsewhere in your `~/.gnus' file:
|           (add-to-list 'gnus-newsgroup-variables 'message-from-style)

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