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Re: Gnus/Mailcrypt and MIME charset

From: Ivan Boldyrev
Subject: Re: Gnus/Mailcrypt and MIME charset
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 10:20:23 +0600
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On 9737 day of my life Markus Hilpert wrote:
> What would be the canonical way for Gnus?

Forget about Mailcrypt, use encryption built into Gnus.  And if you
encrypt non-ACSII text, use PGP/MIME (this is a name of standard that
Gnus support) instead plain PGP data.  Depending on recepient's
software, he may need to install some extantion (Enigmail for
Thunderbird, for example) for more convenient handling of PGP/MIME.

See (info "(message)Security").

Ivan Boldyrev

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