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Re: emacsclient and gnus

From: reader
Subject: Re: emacsclient and gnus
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 15:36:18 -0600
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Richard Riley <> writes:

> I am really confused Harry to be honest. I keep listing the command name
> along with the keyboard binding (always a good idea IMO) but you keep
> going back to C-x C-s - whereas I am saying C-x C-c (C-x C-c runs the
> command save-buffers-kill-terminal) does what you want in my setup which
> is also emacsclient.
>> If I say C-x 5-0 then that is what happens.
> Yes, delete-frame.
> But you have a solution so thats the main thing.

I think this thread is done... I'm terribly terribly sorry for
injecting this amount of confusion.

I've misread your command (C-x C-c) at least 500 times now and continued
to prattle on.  A small amount of knowledge... enough to get on line
is a dangerous thing in my hands... it seems.

I really only meant to say thanks to T. Horne for reminding me of
C-x 5 0  and I finally see I needed to thank you as well for C-x C-c
which does exactly what you've mentioned.

So to finally leave you both alone and hide my head for a while.

Thank you both for an incredible amount of patience.  

I'm not old enough to be this senile... if I'm this bad at 62, I'll
need a restraining order to keep me off the internet by 65.

Once more... I'm very sorry to have wasted both your time.  You both
have shown and incredible amount of patience... real testimony to the
lack of any animosity, or other need to flame and snipe here in this

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