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Re: gnus xemacs gentoo starting problems

From: MDG
Subject: Re: gnus xemacs gentoo starting problems
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2010 11:31:00 +0000
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Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
>>>>>> MDG wrote:
>> hile compiling toplevel forms in file /home/*****/ngnus-0.6/lisp/utf7.el:
>>   !! File error (("Cannot open load file" "timer"))
> It looks like you haven't had the recent xemacs-base package
> installed.  Otherwise, loading timer-funcs.elc may have failed
> for some reason.  (See mm-util.el, that utf7.el loads.)
> I recommend you to make sure that all the XEmacs packages are new.
> FYI, the most recent No Gnus is available in:

I have unmerged everything related to xemacs that shows up on the
system, deleted any other xemacs related files, re emrged xemacs 21.4.22
re emerged the xemacs-base package 2.10 as 2.19 is marked as unstable on
gentoo xemacs-packages-all 2007.04.27-r1 version on gentoo. and
recompiled gnus version 0.6 as I seem to have deleted the Makefile from
0.10 and 0.6 was working fine before.

And now it works. not sure why or what changed though.

One other thing which should probably be in an xemacs group though I
don't like to transfer an open thread to another group.

 I should be able to update xemacs packages through the internal xemacs
packaging system however it complains about not finding nslookup.
nslookup is defined as depreciated on gentoo. I could probably manualy
add it in which might work, but could xemacs be set to use a differnt
program I have hostx but the arguments and data returned would be
different. I did try (setq efs-nslookup-program "hostx") on the hopefull
ideas this may work, it does not.

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